Public liability insurance included with your trail permit

Every snowmobiler is required by law to hold an insurance policy covering civil liability for bodily injury or property damage caused by the snowmobile with a guaranteed minimum coverage of $500,000. This civil liability insurance is mandatory for all snowmobiles, whether ridden on a trail or not.  

Good news! In purchasing your trail permit, you become a member of the FCMQ and are therefore automatically the holder of civil liability insurance worth $1,000,000 from Intact Insurance. By including this insurance with its trail permit, the FCMQ protects all of its members in case of accident, and does so at a very modest cost thanks to its significant buying power. In effect, your civil liability insurance costs you only $42.60 (taxes included), the cost of which is included in your trail permit fee. Compare this cost to what your insurer is proposing and you will see that the Federation’s offer is quite advantageous.  

You can, nonetheless, purchase a trail permit without this insurance coverage and, if this is what you wish to do, simply use the link provided on the right side of this page.

Furthermore, if you have already purchased a trail permit and wish to rescind the included civil liability insurance and obtain a reimbursement, click on the “Termination” link found on the right side of the page.  Do you wish to obtain additional coverage at very little cost? Use the link below to increase your civil liability insurance coverage to $2,000,000.

Download the form to increase your civil liability insurance coverage to $ 2 000 000 (Available in October 2017)

Did you know?  

When you license your snowmobile, the SAAQ doesn’t offer any protection for your bodily injuries unless you are involved in an accident with an automobile that is in movement on a public road? Also, the civil liability insurance included with the purchase of your trail permit, or that provided by your insurer after you have rescinded your trail permit coverage, covers only bodily injury or property damage caused to a third party? 

If you are not holder of a group insurance plan through your employer or some other personal injury insurance (which protects you during your leisure activities), you should purchase bodily injury insurance through your broker or via . This protection is available at reasonable cost and will protect you throughout the year.