Montreal, January 29th, 2019 – The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) organized various activities aimed at raising awareness about safe and responsible snowmobiling practices during International Snowmobile Safety Week which was held from January 19th to 27th, 2019.

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The snowmobile season is upon us: FCMQ invites snowmobilers to be cautious

Terrebonne, December 20, 2018– Regions throughout Quebec will soon be in the midst of the next snowmobile season, we already have a few centimeters of snow on the ground in some regions! The wait has been long and we must be patient in order to have beautiful trails. We still need a few important elements before we can fully enjoy snowmobiling. We need for the ground to freeze and be covered with a fair amount of snow to cover the elements that may affect the safety of users. Furthermore, groomers need to get out and make several passes in order to adequately prepare the trails. Enthusiasm should not exceed caution and vigilance. The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) reminds snowmobilers to exercise caution and awareness, particularly on bodies of water, notably by not riding on trails which have not yet been staked by club volunteers.

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