The snowmobile season is upon us: the FCMQ invites snowmobilers to be cautious

Regions throughout Quebec will soon be in the midst of the next snowmobile season. The wait has been long and snowmobilers welcome the first snow as a precursor to a forthcoming trail ride. However, enthusiasm should not exceed caution and vigilance. The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) reminds snowmobilers to exercise caution and awareness, particularly on bodies of water. It is also ill-advised to ride on trails which have not yet been staked by club volunteers.

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The FCMQ welcomes favourably the introduction of Bill 147

Montreal, November 1st, 2017 – THE FUTURE OF SNOWMOBILING IN QUEBEC THREATENED BY LIFTING OF IMMUNITY. Bill 147, tabled on October 31st by Mrs Véronyque Tremblay, Minister for Transport, which proposes to extend the immunity until 2020, is welcomed and strongly supported by the Quebec federation of snowmobile clubs (FCMQ). The extension of the immunity to clubs further to the Langlois judgment is fundamental to ensuring the on-going survival of snowmobiling.

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