The snowmobile season is upon us

Terrebonne, December 14 2020– The trail permits pre-sale, ending on December 9, was a success despite the pandemic we are currently experiencing. The commitment of snowmobilers to the activity of snowmobiling is as important as ever. In doing so, you contribute to the sustainability of our trail network and to the industry, which also preserves thousands of jobs in the province. We are grateful to you.

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A different snowmobiling season in 2020-2021

November 3rd, 2020 - When the snowmobile season begins, the practice will have to be adapted to the prevailing conditions and it will be up to each snowmobiler to ensure that their route is safe. Concretely, this will require a careful and proactive approach when the time comes to plan and execute your outings. It is recommended to plan your stops and confirm that the establishments you wish to visit will be open.

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