More buying power for FCMQ members !

Montreal, December 19th, 2018 – The Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) is pleased to announce the launch of a member loyalty program with Boutique Magis.

Why a loyalty program for members?

“We’d been looking for a while for a way to thank our members for their unwavering loyalty to the Federation. We’re so excited to launch this program which will provide members greater buying power, allowing them to further enjoy their favourite leisure activity, snowmobiling,” said Stéphane Desroches, General Manager of the FCMQ when asked about the partnership.

What type of program is it?

Thanks to this partnership, Moto-Média and the FCMQ will offer Motoneige Québec magazine readers and FCMQ members an exclusive bonus with a great selection of restaurants and shops, chosen especially for them. All members will receive between 25% and 40% more money to spend. “Together, we support local businesses in the process,” added Moto-Média’s Normand Trottier.

How can members benefit from the new loyalty program?

Visit, sign up for free to the Member Advantages program before December 31st, 2018 and benefit from a pre-paid card with an added value of 30% (ie. you purchase a card for $100 and receive $130 in purchasing power). Sign up after this date and receive a 25% bonus.