Prevention of Hydro-Québec near construction sites

Hydro-Québec is proud to contribute to the development of the federated network of snowmobile trails by granting numerous land-use permits for trails throughout the province. We remind you that authorization from Hydro-Québec must be obtained when trails run through our properties or in our rights-of-way.

User safety is a priority for all stakeholders in the community as well as for Hydro-Québec, so some sections of the trail system may be temporarily diverted or  even closed in order to ensure safety near construction sites. However, we work closely with snowmobile clubs to minimize the impact of construction sites on the network.

We would like to remind users of the snowmobile trail network to respect signage and speed limits at all times. Please be extra vigilant near construction sites to ensure your safety, that of your loved ones and that of the workers.

Everyone’s contribution is essential in order to ensure safe snowmobiling near Hydro-Québec construction sites.

Thank you for your cooperation.