You will find answers to your questions in the following section Frequently asked questions section and in the Trail Permit section under Insurance of the FCMQ web site.

•You have purchased your trail permit, and wish to cancel the civil liability portion to receive a reimbursement. Please fill out this form.
•Please communicate directly with Intact Insurance, the official insurer of the FCMQ, to answer any questions you may have. Dial 1-844-223-4156
Contact Intact Insurance, the official insurer of the FCMQ, in order to answer your questions. Dial 1-844-223-4156.
Remember you have a 10 day grace period, which may result in failure to receive full premium.
All questions regarding existing claims, or questions that may result in a claim, must be forwarded to Intact Insurance Compensation Department at 1-866-464-2424.

You have failed to find answers to your questions, and wish to contact customer service at the FCMQ, please fill in the following form :

Information regarding holder of the trail permit

Information on the Snowmobile (if necessary)

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