Become a club trail warden


  • Are you interested in promoting safety?
  • Do you wish to see the activity of snowmobiling develop and thrive  ?
  • Would you like to perform the necessary checks on snowmobilers ?
  • Are you interested in getting involved in rescue operations as well as social and cultural activities ?
  • Do you aspire to educate snowmobilers so as to encourage them to adopt safe riding practices while they are engaging in their favourite activity ?

If you answered yes to the above questions the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec would be happy to meet with you and train you to become a snowmobile trail warden. We are looking for wardens wishing to work on a volunteer basis for FCMQ member clubs and possessing the following qualities : frankness, honesty, courteousness, respect of laws and discretion when the situation calls for it. If you are knowledgeable of your club`s territory, it will be that much easier and pleasant for you to inform other users.  Furthermore, if you possess mechanical and first-aid skills, you could be an excellent trail warden.

How to become a warden

You must contact your local club to offer your services. Following this, the club will sign you for one-day training session held every fall.  Courses are offered in every region of the province.

Admissibility criteria

In order to be eligible to become a trail warden for an FCMQ member club, the candidate must respect the following criteria :

  1. Meet the requirements set out in subparagraphs 1, 2 and 3 of article 13 of the Regulation respecting off-highway vehicles;
  2. Not have been declared guilty or have admitted guilt for a criminal offence, unless he has obtained a pardon; must also not be awaiting trial on criminal charges;
  3. Have a snowmobile that conforms to applicable laws;
  4. Be available;
  5. Have successfully completed the trail warden training course;
  6. Adhere to the Code of ethics ;
  7. Possess a valid driver`s licence.

For additional information, you are asked to contact us via e-mail at :

Reference document:

Code of ethics (French only)