The “Workshop” (l’Atelier), is the technical column published in every issue of Motoneige Québec magazine.

Despite the fact that the magazine is published uniquely in French, due to popular demand we are offering some English versions of our technical column for the benefit of our Anglophone snowmobiling friends. Enjoy…

Nov 2002 - Let’s read more on oils versus snowmobile performance

Feb 2003 - The great traction dilemma

Jan/Feb 2004 - The ABC of shock absorbers

Sept 2004 - The new wave of Polaris two-stroke power: Liberty Cleanfire 900 engine

Nov 2004 - Engines: The evolution continues…Yamaha four-stroke Genesis 120 & Rotax 2-TEC 1000

Dec 2004 - About break-in: K. Cameron explain and demystifies the break-in phase of your new snowmobile

Jan/Feb 2005 - AD Boivin Design: Flight of the Snow-Hawk

Sep 2005 - EPA 2006: About the new exhaust emission standards that are coming in effect this year

Nov 2005 - Engine choices (by Kevin Cameron)

Dec 2005 - E-Tec: Clean, economical, friendly…two-stroke?!? The new Evinrude direct injection engine

Jan/Feb 2006 Inventium, McGill electric snowmobile, QUIETS snowmobiile, SAE Challenge

Sept 2006 - Suspensions – Part 1

Nov 2006 - Suspensions – Part 2

Dec 2006 - Ignition systems

Jan/Feb 2007 - Carbon fibre: Material of the future

Sep 2007 - Studding your way to safety

Nov 2007 - Understanding fuel injection

Dec 2007 - About brakes and braking

Jan/Feb 2008 - The quest for speed: Operation 324