Intact Insurance

You’ll be covered this winter!

Your snowmobile is part of your lifestyle, and to enjoy it to the fullest, you need insurance protection you can rely on. Thanks to Intact Insurance, the official insurer of the FCMQ, you can have peace of mind on the trails. You’ll also have the opportunity to get enhanced protection at preferred rates. Plus, we’ll be working with you to promote safe snowmobiling practices, to make your favourite activity even better for everyone.

Good accident coverage is important!

For coverage in case of bodily injury or property damage you may suffer in a snowmobile accident not involving any other type of vehicles, you need specific protection that you can get from a broker or insurance company. The snowmobile damage insurance policy available from Intact Insurance stands out, with benefits like the following:

  • roadside assistance for snowmobiles at no extra charge, whichentitles you to three calls per year for these services:
    • towing in case of mechanical failure;
    • battery boost;
    • gasoline delivery;
    • trip itineraries;
    • information on the resale value or purchase price of a snowmobile;
    • concierge service;
    • health assistance and legal assistance (up to a maximum of $100 per occurrence and $300 per year).
  • free civil liability coverage for your trailer if you combine your car insurance with insurance for damage to your snowmobile;
  • a 5% discount, exclusively for FCMQ members.

My snowmobile and me : the benefits add up!

Choose My snowmobile and me from Intact Insurance and enjoy the trails with confidence. Here are some more features included with the policy:

  • Individual benefit amount of $10,000 in case of death or dismemberment;
  • Up to $3,000 of coverage for accessories and equipment;
  • Discounts if your snowmobile has an anti-theft system or if you insure more than one recreational vehicle or motor vehicle;
  • Up to 6 months of coverage for leisure trips anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A.;
  • Optional coverages that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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Group Advantages Program - Home and Automobile insurance for FCMQ members

An exclusive program of home and auto insurance, with special benefits and additional protection at a very competitive price, available to FCMQ members under our agreement with Intact Insurance.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

A REBATE EQUIVALENT TO ONE FREE MONTH* of home and auto insurance premiums, thanks to the pricing arrangement your group has negotiated;

  • Reduced deductibles for both home and auto insurance;
  • $50 a day, up to a total of $1,500, for vehicle rental and up to $750 for additional expenses, such as meals and lodging, if an accident makes your own vehicle unusable;
  • Up to $1,500 to replace the locks in your home if your keys are stolen;
  • Intact Insurance Assistance**, including the following services at no additional charge:
    • 24/7 assistance service by phone;
    • Housekeeping service in case of property damage;
    • Child care in case of illness;
    • Legal information service.

Combining your home and auto policies gives you additional privileges like the following:

  • Just one deductible (the higher of the two) when you make a claim that involves both your home and your vehicle;
  • No deductible on claims for a hit-and-run or total loss of your vehicle;
  • Up to $60,000 of coverage for damage to a rented or borrowed automobile in Canada or the United States.

Do you know Intact Insurance?

Intact Insurance is Canada's largest home, auto and business insurance company, chosen by more than 5 million consumers to protect the things that are most important to them. A partner of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt since 2013, the company is also the official insurer of the Réseau FADOQ. Intact is actively engaged in accident prevention and public safety, an important issue for the FCMQ and all its members.

Trust Intact Insurance, the official insurer of the FCMQ !


* Reimbursement equivalent to 1/12 of the annual premium before taxes and other charges, to a maximum of $250 per policy. ** Intact Insurance Assistance is provided exclusively to home insurance policyholders who are members of a group registered in the Intact Insurance Group Advantages Program. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply to all offers.