On-line trail permits

On-line trail permits

The 22-23 snowmobile season is coming soon! - Purchasing platform is open

To all snowmobilers!

Please read carefully the information on this page and on each document.

In order to purchase a trail permit, you must purchase it online, all categories included!

Don’t wait!  Purchase your permit hassle-free from your residence, office or with your cellular phone!

To purchase online, you will need:

  • Equipment (computer, tablet or cellular phone) with access to the Internet*;
    • *Please note it is preferred to be in panoramic mode and not in portrait mode on your tablet or cell phone, in order to navigate through the platform for your on-line trail permit purchase.
  • A valid e-mail address;
  • How to create an email: Gmail or Outlook
  • Open up an existing profile or create a new one;
    • Please ensure that the profile is created in the name of the owner of the snowmobile, the trail permit is automatically issued under the name and address registered in your profile.
    • Make sure that your information is valid, up to date and complete (postal address, telephone, e-mail, etc.).
  • Information pertaining to your snowmobile, including the serial number as it appears on your proof of registration.


How can I continue to support my local club?

You should always purchase your trail permit from the club that maintains the trails you ride most often. A location map allows you to select your club and continue to encourage it.
*If you have kept your trail permit from last year, a 3 or 5-digit number (CCC-RR) located in the upper right identifies your club (CCC) and its region (RR).


Trail permit types and prices

The price of a trail permit includes the cost of the liability insurance, defined as mandatory under article 19 of the Act respecting off-highway vehicles, as well as all applicable taxes.
  • $ 405 for an annual trail permit purchased on or before December 9, 2022
  • $ 490 for an annual trail permit purchased after December 9, 2022
  • $ 800 for an annual trail permit sold in trail*
  • $ 325 for an annual trail permit for antique snowmobiles (2003 and older)
  • $ 260 for a 7-day trail permit
  • $ 170 for a 3-day trail permit
  • $ 85 for a 1-day trail permit
  • $ 610 for an annual trail permit for a rental snowmobile
  • $ 40 for a replacement trail permit

*Purchase your trail permit before hitting the trails!

Extra charges are payable when the annual trail permit is purchased on trails. Note that permits issued for antique sleds, as well as daily or weekly permits, cannot be purchased on trails.

The trail permit is non-refundable*

The trail permit is personal. It is non-transferable and non-refundable*. It is an offense to operate a snowmobile on an approved trail without having paid the prescribed trail permit fee according to the terms and conditions determined by the Board of Directors.

*Only the $1,000,000 liability insurance portion may be subject to a refund.

Accepted online payment methods :

  • VISA or prepaid VISA card
  • MasterCard or prepaid MasterCard card

Your online shopping is secured at the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ). Your personal information, as well as your credit card information, is sent as an encrypted email message that ensures the confidentiality of the information contained therein. Consequently, this message cannot be intercepted, altered or decoded by an intermediary. Your payment is made directly to Desjardins.



Canada Post delivery delays vary between 2 and 5 days, added to the time required to process your demand.  These delays may be longer, particularly during periods of intense permit purchasing. Delays may extend beyond 2 or 3 weeks. We invite you to not wait until the last minute before making your purchase so as to avoid longer delays.

*Make sure to have a valid and complete address while creating your profile, otherwise your trail permit may not be delivered.


Travelling Snowmobilers

Are you a travelling snowmobiler who wants to discover Quebec's 33,000 km of trails? Make sure you know the laws and regulations of Quebec.

Please ensure that the profile is created in the name of the owner of the snowmobile, the trail permit is automatically issued under the name and address registered in your profile.

I understand and accept the aforementioned conditions and upon clicking the button, you will be redirected to the secure online permit buying site.


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