DD-annuel-18-19.jpgMost of the sums invested in the purchase of a trail permit are returned directly to the club to fund the trail grooming operations. So if you buy where you ride, your money improves the trails you ride most often.

Trail permits are sold by member clubs and also on-line by FCMQ (since 17-18 season). They are also available at numerous points of sale, such as snowmobile dealerships, as well as various hotels, restaurants and gas stations located near the trail network.

Distribution of the trail permit fees :

On a 2018-2019 annual trail permit sold before December 9th at $325, your money is distributed in the following manner:

  • $42.60 $1 million liability insurance coverage for snowmobiler
  • $21.40 $2 million liability insurance coverage for club
  • $33.99 Federal and Provincial taxes
  • $166.01 remitted to club
  • $61.00 remitted to FCMQ

The portion remitted to the FCMQ, that is $ 61.00 per annual trail permit sold (18.8%), is redistributed as follows:

  • $ 4.00 is transferred to Motoneige Québec magazine to help cover postage fees;
  • $ 2.00 goes into a fund dedicated to promotion and communication;
  • $ 10.00 goes into a fund dedicated to trails;
  • $ 4.00 goes into a fund dedicated to clubs having a longer than average grooming season;
  • $ 1.00 goes into a fund dedicated to volunteer recognition;
  • $ 14.00 goes into a fund dedicated to trail groomer acquisitions;
  • $ 5.00 goes into a fund dedicated to clubs services (agents de liaison)
  • $ 21.00 is used to fund the Federation’s ongoing operations

For additional information related to the public liability insurance included with your trail permit, please refer to the "INSURANCE" sub-section in the "TRAIL PERMIT" section.

Trail permit without insurance

You wish to purchase a trail permit without insurance?

Don't forget that liability insurance is mandatory for all snowmobile owners and that the FCMQ negociated on your behalf a civil liability contract with Intact Insurance for only $42.60 taxes included.

Compare your premium with that proposed by Intact Insurance and discover just how beneficial the latter’s offered rate is.


A fee for insurance verification, administration and handling in the amount of $20 will be applied. A delay of between 14 and 20 days for the delivery of your trail permit is necessary due to verification and validation considerations. Please note that the law makes it illegal to ride on FCMQ trails until such time as you have received your trail permit and have it affixed to your snowmobile.

By completing the PDF form you attest that you have read and accept the stated conditions. The form need to be sent fully completed and with all requested documents including credit card information. No personnal check or money order accepted.

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