“Operation of snowmobile on a Federation trail is strictly forbidden unless the operator has a prescribed trail permit.” (FCMQ By-Laws, article 11)

Permit prices for season 2018-2019

The price of a trail permit includes the cost of the liability insurance, defined as mandatory under article 19 of the Act respecting off-highway vehicles, as well as all applicable taxes.

  • 325 $ for an annual trail permit purchased on or before December 9, 2018
  • 400 $ for an annual trail permit purchased after December 9, 2018
  • 575 $ for an annual trail permit sold on trail*
  • 240 $ for an annual trail permit for antique snowmobiles (1999 and older)
  • 220 $ for a 7-day trail permit
  • 135 $ for a 3-day trail permit
  • 65 $ for a 1-day trail permit
  • 580 $ for an annual trail permit for a rental snowmobile

* Purchase your trail permit before hitting the trails!

Extra charges are payable when the annual trail permit is purchased on trails. Note that permits issued for antique sleds, as well as daily or weekly permits, cannot be purchased on trails


Replacement permits

Replacement permits may be purchased for thirty dollars ($30), ideally at the club the original permit was purchased from. In order to receive a replacement permit, the receipt and sticker of the trail permit issued for the original snowmobile must be presented to the seller.

Please note that a trail permit cannot be transferred to another owner. It can only be transferred from one snowmobile to another belonging to the same owner (for example, in the case of a sale followed by a purchase).